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Your between visit success plan.

As your hairstylist, I'm here for you-- even when you aren't in the salon! I have the perfect plan to ensure your hair is looking great between visits. I always love creating a custom plan for at home haircare options and helping you know what steps you will need to have the best color year round!


1-2 times per year

Longevity Guarantee session recommended every 8-10 weeks

Gray Coverage/ Root Touch Up

Every 4-6 weeks


Every 6-8 weeks

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Every 6-12 weeks


Suggested Maintenance Schedule


Every 6-8 weeks

Fusion Extensions: Every 12 weeks


Color Longevity Options

Longevity Guarantee 

A toner refresh to help fight brass, avoid dullness, and add life back into your color again. This also includes a treatment to help keep your hair strong and soft. 

This is the perfect touch up for those guests who go 10 weeks or more between lightening services. 

$55 Investment

Longevity & Haircut Guarantee 

A toner refresh to help fight brass, avoid dullness, and add life back into your color again. This also includes a treatment and haircuto help keep your hair strong and soft. 

This is the perfect touch up for those guests who go 15 weeks between lightening services. 

$94 Investment


Hair Home Care FAQs

How often should I wash my hair?

I always recommend waiting at least 48 hours after a color session to wash your hair. This allows the hair strand to close as tight as possible to help retain your color as much as possible. 

After that, I recommend washing every 2-7 days depending on your hair type. If you are an everyday washer, it is even more important to be using the recommended hair care products. Using a dry shampoo in the evenings can also help extend time between washes. 

How often should I use purple shampoo?

After your color session, I recommend not using purple shampoo for at least two weeks. Purple shampoos have a higher pH and are NOT recommended for everyday use. They can actually cause your toner to fade faster. After the first two weeks I recommend starting to use purple shampoo once per week or once every other week depending on how often you wash your hair. Purple shampoo is an as needed product, not intended for daily use. 

What should I do with my hair when I sleep?

Always go to sleep with dry hair, especially if you have extensions. For long hair, it is best to sleep with your hair in a low, loose pony or braid. I recommend using a scrunchie or something that holds less tension to secure your hair. Going to sleep with your hair in a bun or high pony can cause damage to your hair. 

What is the best way to wear my hair up?

Tension is typically what causes breakage from ponytails or other up hairstyles. I recommend scrunchies, claw clips, and loose braids to help keep your hair out of your face. High ponytails, messy buns, and braids pull and cause tension to the hair around your hairline and can cause breakage. Every once in awhile these hairstyles are okay, but I don't recommend them for daily wear.

What temperatures should my hot tools be at?

Most hot tools go way higher than necessary for most hair types. Here is what I recommend: 

Fine or Fragile Hair: 300 degrees

Thin or Easy to Curl Hair: 320 degrees

Straight and Normal Density Hair: 350 degrees

Wavy or Curly Hair: 370 degrees

Very thick and Course Hair: 400 degrees

Also, always remember to apply a heat protectant before you use a hot tool on your hair. That's right, Every. Single. Time.

Does the temperature of water really matter when I wash my hair?

Yes! Color treated hair, especially vivid colors, reds, and fragile blondes should wash in as cool of water as you can. Brunettes and healthy blondes can wash in warm water, but honestly the cooler the better. Hot water can significantly cause your hair color to fade. 

What kind of shampoo & conditioner should I use?

I always recommend using one of our salon quality products. Your hair is an investment and I totally understand that. Using salon quality products and following proper home care is like buying insurance for your hair. You wouldn't drive a brand new sports car off the lot without making sure you are covered right? Per my Protect Your Investment Policy, I can not guarantee the longevity of your hair color, style, or hair extensions if you are not using products bought directly from the salon. 

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