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Let's Talk Extensions...

Extension Digital Consultation, Terms & Conditions

New Guests:

  • Complete the digital consultation form below

  • Book a consultation for a color match, extension selection, & to order your hair ($30 cost for this visit)

  • Select a date for your installation appointment (A least 1 week after the consolation visit).

  • You may be required to book a color service as well to create a perfect blend of your hair and extensions

The First Appointment Includes:

  • Installation of 100% human hair extensions

  • A haircut to blend your extensions & natural hair

  • A finished style and styling tutorial

  • A complementary extension maintenance kit ($80 value) and take home care information about your extensions to help maintain the life of your extensions and to prevent damage to your natural hair

The final price will be determined during our consultation based on your desired result and extension type

Maintenance Appointments

I will need to see you every 6-8 weeks for:

  • Extension removal or move up service. This prevents natural hair breakage.

  • Reinstallation of your extensions

  • You aren't required to get a cut or style at these visits, so arrive with clean, dry hair. If you would like to book additional services, we can do that for the standard charge of those services. 

  • Fusion extensions only require maintenance every 12 weeks

Long Term Expectations

Generally, you will need to invest in new extension hair ever 3-12 months

  • The longevity of hair varies on how well you take care of your hair on a daily basis

  • Extensions require brushing 2-3 times per day, gentle shampooing, and blow drying to prevent damage to your natural hair

  • I will suggest a hair care plan to increase the longevity of your investment

You will be asked to affirm that you read the terms and conditions above at the bottom of the digital consultation form below. If you do not agree to these terms, please contact me at 515-994-8855 and I will respond within 24 hours Monday- Friday.
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